The Economizer Controller Uses Dry Bulb or Enthalpy Mode. Operate Outside Air Damper, Return Air Damper and Exhaust Damper.


EconoCONTROLLER submittal data


EconoCONTROLLER installation guide


  • Meets 2009 I.E.C.C. Commercial Energy Code
  • Controls FREE cooling during a cooling call when Outdoor Air is suitable
  • Adjustable dry bulb temperature setpoint between 42⁰ and 78⁰F for Economizer mode.
  • Fresh Air mode has an adjustable cycle timer
  • Controls over pressurization in homes and commercial buildings
  • If dry bulb mode is unsuccessful after 15 minutes, controller will discontinue economizer and start cooling.
  • During optional enthalpy mode the EconoCONTROLLER will satisfy the cooling with Outside Air or will discontinue economizer and start cooling on its own.

The most economical advantage of EconoCONTROLLER is the Mechanical Cooling Assistance Mode. This monitors the return air temperature with the use of a return air temperature sensor (included). EconoCONTROLLER will compare RA temp to OA temp and if conditions are suitable, bring in Outside Air, mix it with Return Air and use this to support cooling and reduce the load on the HVAC unit.

Model EC Enthalpy Controller

Modern electronic enthalpy controls are now available to replace dry bulb temperature only changeover controls. In humid climates, it is assumed that 50% of the cooling capacity of an air conditioning system is used to dehumidify the conditioned air (remove latent heat) before the sensible temperature begins to be reduced. In most cases, cooling costs will be lowered when using enthalpy instead of dry bulb for changeover.