Performance Pro Thermostats by PECO

No single thermostat will cover all the applications that your clients are looking for. Size, features, color, shape and also price are all important. We specialize in furnishing to you what is important to your customer, but we never forget the most important feature, reliability.


At Comfort Products we know RELIABILITY

 is most important to you.



These are full featured commercial thermostats with FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. Choose single-stage, multistage and heat pump applications using one stat. 7-day, 5-1-1 or 5-2 programmable modes all with intermittent fan or choose non-programmable. 365 day programmable calendar with 20 holidays and daylight-savings time shift for touch and go convenience. 3 levels of key-pad lockout with PIN access.

Use a common subbase for all three thermostats in our Performance Pro thermostat lineup. Commercial proportional integral control with ramp recovery, giving superior commercial comfort and stable energy efficiency. This thermostat lineup starts with a feature rich 4 square inch screen with soft touch buttons that make programming simple and operational changes even simpler.




The next thermostat in the lineup has 8 square inches of display screen and the same six buttons for programming and operation. Bigger screen makes the stat very easy to read from anywhere in the room. For easy programming this stat is programmable through an SD card (not included) that allows a prompt upload to each stat on the job for quick and easy installations.




Both the T8000 and T12000 can control humidity and/or dehumidity when ordering the IAQ version of these thermostats. Also, both can manage a 24 volt output for fresh air damper control. Each will allow the contractor to install and wire to an input to a remote sensor for indoor room sensing, outdoor sensing and another input for occupancy sensing. The occupancy sensor will allow the system to change to an unoccupied temperature if no one is in the space. Now, that’s control when you need it! The T12000 thermostat has a sleek-design and a pure touchscreen display that is easy to read and so easy to clean.

All thermostats can operate from batteries (included) and/or 24 volts. Each thermostat is ASHRAE 90.1 and CA Title 24 Building Compliant with pre-occupancy purge and override limitations.


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