At Comfort Products, Inc. it is vital that we have outstanding service because the products we offer often require technical training and field support. We know that your contractors don’t install these upscale heating and cooling products every day.

Although the upscale contractor is our target market, he does not have the luxury of studying the details of these product installations to the extent that is necessary, so we do it for him, and then we work closely with his people.

We offer a complete program for training and support. Once your contractor has been through our training, he will have the documents, the knowledge and the confidence to accept the installation and service opportunities with excitement.

He also knows that after he has been through the training he will be placed at the top of our list for technical support and on-site support should that become necessary. It is all in place to serve the contractor through the distributor. Since these products do not get sold on most homes, just the best homes, the best contractors want to look and feel qualified.