Watch our Comfort Plenum intro video (4.5 minutes)
  1. Save installation space.
    No external dampers require no extra attic or crawl space. Also, no extra space required to service external dampers.
  2. Save installation time.
    Dampers come installed in the plenum. Install Comfort-PLENUM™, then starting collars and start running duct to each zone.
  3. It’s a good-looking job.
    Damper motors are mounted on the plenum. Red and green L.E.D.’s indicate each damper’s position.
  4. We ship in 24 hours.
    Order from our inventory, built and ready to ship.

ComfortPLENUM™ is a unique patent pending product that was designed by contractors to make zoning installations easier and faster. Also, in tight attics and crawl spaces, the plenum requires less space and less installation work to be performed in those tight spaces.

Spec Sheets and More Information

Each ComfortPLENUM™ includes these features:

  1. ComfortPLENUM™ is a 21” x 21” rectangular plenum with 2” duct liner inside built from 24 gauge sheet metal.
  2. Power open/power close motors, 18 inch/lbs torque, 30 second run time, 90 degree travel
  3. Each motor includes LED’s to indicate opening (green) and closing (red) movement when blinking. LED’s are solid once motor is fully open or fully closed.
  4. Motors have two stop limits that allow the adjustment of a maximum open position and a minimum closed position.
  5. All dampers have a thermally insulated (made from 3/8” gasket material) motor mounting plate that allows no air leakage outside the plenum.
  6. Plenums have been pressure tested up to 2 inches e.s.p.
  7. Each damper has a large decal called a “cutting guide” on the outside that corresponds to the damper on the inside. This cutting guide shows the installer where to cut the hole for the starting collar.
  8. ComfortPLENUM™ dampers are gear driven opposed blade dampers with less than 10% bleed factor.
  9. Each plenum has approximately 10 inches of transition material on the equipment end of the plenum.
  10. ComfortPLENUM™ can be rotated 90 or 180 to accommodate the application space requirements.


Horizontal ComfortPLENUM
Vertical ComfortPLENUM