EconoPLENUM™ is a return air plenum installed on a split system up to 5 tons. This plenum allows contractors to furnish FREE cooling in light commercial buildings and custom homes. Building science engineers indicate this will save as much as 20% of the total cooling usage annually. New 2009 I.E.C.C. Energy Code compliance requires economizers on ALL commercial applications INCLUDING split systems.

  1. Use cool outside air for cooling.
    Close return air damper, open outside air damper and exhaust damper to bring in suitable outside air during a cooling call instead of energizing the condenser.
  2. Whole house ventilation.
    In mild weather or anytime, allow 100% outside air to filter, ventilate and slightly pressurize the home.
  3. Remove indoor odors.
    Flip a switch to remove all odors or stale air in minutes, then back to standard operation.
  4. Easy to install using a kit.
    The EconoPLENUM, the 14” x 25” outside louvers, and the EconoController is all that is necessary, plus wire and duct.

These three items make up the EconoPLENUM KIT.

EconoPLENUM™ is a
return air plenum